Listen up new MBAs!

A lot of students going into graduate school have a set of expectations and goals that they want to achieve. However, I think it’s also important to be open to new experiences through your journey.

Be open minded

You get to meet people from different countries, background and cultures, and being open to experiencing that helps you grow in more ways than you think. I gained a global mindset just by interacting and hearing the stories from the diverse Suffolk community.  This is something I wouldn’t trade for anything!

Go outside your comfort zone.karen

School is the one place you can afford to experiment and fail without extreme consequences. Make the best out of the opportunity! Initially, I was not the best at public speaking and during my time at Suffolk University, I was able to build my skills and present to senior managers. Suffolk offered me numerous opportunities to improve from class presentations to presentations to senior level executives in my travel seminar to Germany. All because I dared to step outside my comfort zone!

– Karen Ndegwa, MBA in Finance ‘16

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