Join a student organization!

A National Association of Women MBAs (NAWMBA) flyer was what first caught my attention upon entering my MBA. I was intrigued and therefore decided to attend the student organization’s first meeting. I was pleased to meet a group of women interested in helping each other advance their position in the business sector. My membership in the Suffolk chapter of NAWMBA afforded me the opportunity to connect with many women pursuing their MBA and with professionals working in an industry I may pursue after graduation.

In my second semester at Suffolk, I became the Secretary for the Suffolk chapter of NAWMBA and had the responsibility of designing and editing the bi-monthly electronic newsletter. It was a new and important experience for me.

As you ponder what student organization to join, I would like to share with you how I went about choosing gaelleNAWMBA.

  • I attended a meeting before deciding to join.
  • I found common ground between the organizational mission and my personal mission.
  • I evaluated what the organization will add to my personal and professional development.
  • I was willing to commit to the amount of time required to actively participate in the organization.

During my time in NAWMBA, I enjoyed meeting women in various industries and discussing their journey. It also provided a smaller context to meet business students and exchange ideas about which classes to pick and how to approach the academic workload.

– Gaelle Gourgues, MBA in Non-Profit ‘17

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