San Francisco March ’17

san fran

Suffolk University’s MBA program provides student’s access to many highly sought after travel destinations via its MBA740 Travel Seminar Course. One of the destinations that students could select is San Francisco, California. San Francisco has a unique start-up culture that vastly differs from what you might experience in Boston. Venture capitalists (VCs) in San Francisco for example look at the growth aspect of a start-up versus the value aspect sought by Boston VCs.

San Francisco Travel Seminar was a unique experience from west vs east culture to traditional vs start-up environment. The seminar provides students with professional flash consulting experiences to high-level executives of multi-million dollar companies. Our seminar had a mix between casual tourist activities to high stressed flash consulting.

As a group we learned time management, team processes, public speaking, and conflict resolution. The MBA students were exposed to high-level executives and to quickly become comfortable in public speaking and delivering a solution. Our trip was stressful at times as we had limited time and with high expectations. Overall, it was a life changing experience that provided value both personally and professionally.

– Supriya Saraswat MBA ’18, Jereme Coste MBA ’17 and Nathalie Sanchez MBA ’17

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