Summer internship at Santander Bank

Many of you have asked me how I found my Santander internship during the summer, I’d have to say it was a mix of luck and determination. Early February, I found the opening on Ram Recruiter and applied. I reached out to a friend that was working at Santander at the time and asked her to put in a good word for me. That was all it took for me to get my coveted internship! This internship was the result of reaching out to my connections and I have to emphasize the importance of a solid network.

My experience at Santander has been truly rewarding, I’ve learned a lot through my internship from strategic planning, business reporting to risk analysis. Additionally, I had a great supervisor, which to this day I consider to be an inspiring mentor. Looking back, my MBA courses at Suffolk definitely prepared me for my internship. During my first year, I was able to gain confidence, gather constructive feedback from peers and professors and lose my fear of public speaking. My internship was extended through the fall where I could continue enhancing my skills and expanding my network.

Saloni picIf I had to give a piece of advice to any incoming MBA students it would be to: “Use your MBA courses as practice, ask for feedback whenever you can and continue to develop all your connections”.

– Saloni Shah, MBA ’17

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