SUGBA’s Lunch with A Leader

It all started as a joke, but it lead to something more meaningful.

Food was my primary motive for attending the Lunch with a Leader event hosted by the Suffolk University Graduate Business Association (SUGBA)… at first. I thought I would get my free lunch, network a few minutes in and then leave—simple as that. My outlook totally changed once I entered into the Corcoran room and was greeted by a warm welcoming bunch of graduate students. I knew no one there, but at that moment I knew I was in for a treat… and I was right. I sat through the lunch listening to the two Vice Presidents of Outcome Capital and thoroughly enjoyed every moment of it. They each discussed their career paths, personal experiences, education, and their take on the “real world.” It was great sitting at the table like a boss with two industry leaders giving us graduate students insights on what to expect—it almost felt as if they weren’t Vice Presidents, but more like peers or even mentors. I then knew I wanted to be part of this group of professionals and so I officially joined SUGBA.

The Lunch with a Leader event was my first date with the association and they brought me home with welcoming arms. I enjoy attending the Lunch with a Leader event because it brings our group members together like a family, despite everyone’s busy schedule. The coming together reminds me of a family dinNick Yener with all of the discussions going back and forth, getting advice, and networking in a casual environment. I love coming to the Lunch with a Leader event because it reminds me of the reason why I joined the organization—the people in it.

– Nicholas Ye, MBA ’18

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