Building leaders and designing strategy for success

We live in a world of rapid change, instant gratification, and fast communication. In order to lead teams, departments, and/or companies over the period of several years towards a vision or set of goals, we must be able to stretch our thinking over longer time horizons. We must be able to interpret vastly complex eco-systems and understand how to navigate through them. And we must be able to do all of this through the ability to lead and influence employees, board members, and stakeholders groups.

The MBA 760 course is about creating an experience for students to understand strategy design and the leadership skills necessary to implement a plan over long time horizons. We work with students to understand how to conduct strategic planning and analysis, how to facilitate employees or stakeholders through the process, and how to make decisions in complex situations.

Our class uses 34 problem solving models, a business model canvas, and leadership case studies to create an experience that engages students and balances process with leadership. Suffolk students get to experience real problems that companies are facing today and in the future, and design strategy to position a company to ensure viability and competitiveness.

Students will build a strategic plan and business model for a company they select, and get to think through innovative solutions for designing the future. eric curtisDuring Spring ’17, our students represented FitBit, Starbucks, Southwest and Zipcar during their final Strategic Plans.

As an adjunct faculty, my greatest pleasure in teaching is getting to learn from the students’ ideas, points-of-view, and insights. We learn together.

– Eric Curtis, Professor of Strategic Management


Images from final presentation:


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