The Suffolk MBA

MBA offsite pic

Jodi Detjen, MBA Director and Eric Curtis, Lecturer and Strategy Designer lead MBA faculty and administration in an off-site brainstorming session.

As the academic year comes to a close, we took the time to reflect on the first year of the new MBA curriculum. Collaboration is vital to the success of the MBA therefore, the team plans to meet annually to reflect, grow and enrich the program.

23 professors and administrators were present. We looked at what was working and where we could improve. One of our strategic imperatives is identifying ways we can better integrate Boston area businesses into the program and classroom.

Ever been involved in a strategic offsite planning day? It’s a lot of fun and it’s intense. It’s done using a lot of stickies and flip charts. We start by doing a SWOT analysis.  We then prioritize ideas in each area. Then grouping the ideas together, we brainstorm ideas for implementing the strategic idea.

It’s an annual process that enables us to continuously improve and build the program.


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