Germany ’17 Reflections

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The Germany travel seminar was my final course in the MBA program and it was a terrific way to wrap things up. Not only was I able to immerse myself in Germany’s unique culture, but I got a chance to hone my skills in a far different way from the traditional classroom experience. Our group work culminated in presentations to executives at world-renowned corporations. While daunting at first, these presentations proved to be empowering; there is nothing, as an MBA student, quite as remarkable as having a high-ranking business executive validate your group’s ideas and the way that you conveyed them to a room full of people. For me, it is definitely the type of experience that I want to highlight in an interview to make myself stand out from the crowd.

As far as fun goes, there was plenty to be had.  From Dean Benham’s guided midnight tour of Berlin to the mouthwatering beer halls and an array of museums, there was plenty to do and see. I particularly enjoyed our guided tour of BMW World and dinner atop the Reichstag. Overall, I got a really good taste (of the beer and currywurst especially) of Munich and Berlin and left feeling like I accomplished all of the major things on my list. In all, I definitely enjoyed my trip and am grateful for the unique experience it turned out to be!-James Tsaparlis, JD/MBA ’18

-James Tsaparlis, JD/MBA ’18

Between the corporate visits, the cultural experiences, and building new friendships with my classmates, the Germany travel seminar was truly an invaluable experience. Presenting to senior level executives at BMW, B/S/H, CrowdWorx, and Bayer helped us practice professionalism in a high-pressure situation. We were consistently tasked with solving real business issues and delivering high-quality practical solutions. Hearing real-time feedback about our ideas from senior level executives and professors was also valuable. The fast pace and high stakes of the course helped us practice emotional intelligence and how to collaborate effectively in groups.

In addition to our corporate learning experiences, we also had a lot of fun! Munich and Berlin are both rich in history and beauty. Students who love history and architecture will love the blend of old and new in Berlin and how Munich mixes urban neighborhoods with quaint clock towers and cobblestone streets. Travel highlights include the nighttime tour of Berlin guided by Dean Behnam, the boat tour of Berlin, and the Nymphenburg Palace in Munich. Not to mention the currywurst!

-Nell Herberich, MBA ’19

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