North Campus End of Year Celebration

NC picture for blog

On Thursday, May 18th, students, alumni, faculty & staff of Suffolk’s North Campus gathered to celebrate another successful semester. Guests at the event enjoyed the beautiful 90° weather on the deck of Salvatore’s restaurant.

Gerard Casal, Associate Director of the North Campus and Assistant Dean, Heather Hewitt acknowledged the hard work of the recent graduates and thanked the two North Campus student committees for their assistance over the last year. The North Campus Ambassadors are a student group that works alongside Gerard in planning academic, professional development and social events for the students. The members of this group, similar to SUGBA of the Boston campus, are Jason Morin, Usaila O’Brien, Kristyn Rotchford, George Vega and Julie Woodsum. The second student committee of the North Campus is the Advisory Board. These students explore new marketing and recruitment avenues to help spread the word about the North Campus. Mike Farago (MBA ’16), Russell Rennie, Carley Monell, Mark Grabowski and Faye DeMoura (MBA ’15) serve on this committee.

Ken Mooney, SBS Alumni Board Member President, was also present for the event. He reminded the recent graduates to fully utilize their Suffolk Alumni network and remain involved in the school. Ken also encouraged the students to think about participating in the Ram Alumni Mentoring Program (RAMP), which helps to connect alumni and students in mentor relationships.

Students of the North Campus enjoy the Suffolk experience within their own backyard. The North Campus is located in Lawrence MA, about 30 miles north of Boston. Most of our MBA students are part-timers who also juggle the challenges of working full-time and some have families of their own as well. There is a great sense of community here at the North Campus, and it is obvious in the connections they have with each other. Read more about the North Campus on our Facebook page!

-Julie Woodsum, MBA ’17


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