London ’17 Reflections

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The London Healthcare travel seminar proved to be a trip of opportunity. This would be my first time traveling abroad and being exposed to a completely different culture and healthcare system than I am used to. The journey began on Suffolk University’s campus and luckily, I was not alone – I had 15 other classmates that shared the same apprehension, excitement, and willingness to learn, by my side.

Once in London, we truly hit the ground running. Within the first two days of arrival, we had visited Kensington Gardens, the Tower of London, the London Eye, Big Ben, Parliament, Buckingham Palace, and countless other spontaneous stops and photo opportunities. Quenching our thirst for the London culture, we soon began our fast-paced work week full of lectures, case studies, and relationship building.

Within five short days, we had interacted with 13 different healthcare organizations, ranging from quality care management to women’s health services. The seminar provided a well-rounded view of the healthcare available in London, with each of the speakers taking the time to answer any and all questions we might have. Perhaps my favorite part of the trip was the opportunity to see a show at the famous Globe Theater. The theater was always such a crucial part of any Shakespeare unit in classes growing up, which made the experience of being there feel like a full circle kind of moment.

The trip would not have been as valuable if it wasn’t for our amazing tour guide, Louise Halfpenny. She was fully knowledgeable of all things culture and healthcare related, which added true value to the meaning of our trip. Exploring places outside of London, such as Camden and Notting Hill, in our free time, broadened our cultural experience, and allowed for the development of unlikely friendships.

I could not be happier that I decided to take a chance on London, and that London provided me with the chance to grow, learn, and build new relationships.

Marjorie Duffel, MHA ‘18


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