My First-Year Journey @ Suffolk

My long-term dream is to pursue an MBA and climb the corporate ladder. I found myself one step closer to that dream when I first started at Suffolk. In only one year, I have learned so much and my mindset has completely changed. The first course in the program, SBS 700- Effective Career Planning, really helped me learn more about myself. The course evaluation, self-evaluation, and the peer evaluation together prompt me to think of ways to improve my weaknesses and utilize my strengths. I have found this very helpful to grow professionally and personally.

My main objective of my MBA is to gain global experiences and study in a cohort comprised of students from over 30 countries that gives me a sense of achievement in the class itself. Each class is unique, offering different personalities, experiences, backgrounds, and challenges. All have the same objective i.e. to teach us business acumen in order to grow our network. All you need to live a successful and healthy life is a good support system and network.

When I arrived in Boston as an international student, I had my support system, but no network. The school networking events organized by the student organizations such as NAWMBA, ALPFA, and SUGBA helped build my network. After spending some time with the student organizations, I realized this university has a lot to give if you have the capability to think distinctly. This past spring I organized the event, “Business View from the Top.” I was overwhelmed by the support of my professors, Deans, and classmates.

At times, this MBA journey has challenged me. It can be intense and requires strong time management skills. It can be difficult the juggle the many different aspects of the MBA experience including coursework, fellowship, job search, and networking. This year definitely has not been easy. I’ve never wanted to give up and I’ve never questioned my decision to pursue my MBA. My advice to all the incoming students is to stay focused and attend networking events. Believe me, you will discover a lot about yourself and your ambitions. Your life will change for the better on the basis of the experiences you have and the people you meet.

supriya.jpg -Supriya Saraswat, MBA ’18



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