Welcome Incoming SBS Graduate Students!

Welcome incoming SBS Graduate students!  Get ready for years full of excitement, challenges, and an influx of knowledge; I know it’s been an amazing experience for me so far.

My name is Gregory Mirliss and I am a part-time MBA student. I work as a Deputy Project Manager and Coordinating Team Leader with AECOM in the Bridge and Tunnel Inspection Department. As a bridge and tunnel engineer, I serve as a quality control manager of our nation’s infrastructure. I graduated from Wentworth Institute of Technology with a Bachelor in Civil Engineering. In 2014, I decided to pursue my MBA studies to build a solid business foundation, strengthen management and leadership skills and expand my network. Sounds familiar? I am sure we are all here for similar reasons.

I chose Suffolk University for 4 reasons:

  1. Location. It’s right in the downtown of Boston. How much more convenient can it get?
  2. It has a great reputation and the MBA program is well-respected in the US.
  3. A strong local alumni network
  4. Smaller class size that allows you to interact with your professors

Being a part-time MBA student is not easy, let me tell you that working full time and taking 2-3 classes every semester is a challenge, but I love and enjoy every aspect of it. I try to get involved in the Suffolk community as much as I can. This year, I am serving as the president of the Suffolk University Graduate Business Association, also known as SUGBA. We host many events to connect students with alumni, well-known professionals, and to grow as a class. Some of the most notable events include: Lunch with a Leader, International Night and Student-Alumni Networking Night. I’ve honestly met so many students from different nationalities in class and through SUGBA, which has truly enhanced my MBA experience.

If I could give you one piece of advice, it would be to get involved. Obviously, excel in your classes, but get out of your comfort zone as much as you can. Talk one-on-one with professors, build meaningful relationships with students, connect with fellow alumni and most importantly join an organization and do something that you love! Another opportunity I urge you to take is the Travel Seminar course. I had the pleasure to travel to San Francisco and it was an unbelievable experience. You not only get to explore Silicon Valley and interact with amazing companies, but you also get to connect with your classmates in a different setting and most importantly learn about yourself. I would not change my experience for the world!

Please feel free to come talk to me during the orientation reception and I can tell you more about my experiences! Again, welcome SBS Graduate students, I am looking forward to getting to know you and hopefully, you will consider joining SUGBA!

Greg Mirliss, MBA ’18


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