Brazil ’17 Reflections

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“Brazil is one of the most beautiful places in the world. The culture is vibrant, the food and the music makes you forget everything and just enjoy the simplicity of life. Brazilians are really welcoming, respectful and caring” – Florence Mahoun, MBA ’17


Brazil March ’17


“Wow!! Where do we begin? Our Brazil Travel Seminar started in Boston with our classroom learning about the culture, economy and industries of this emerging economy. Once in Brazil, it was an explosive experience of the theory we had prepared and learned in class. Professor Rufin balanced our Brazil class with several business experts as well as a hands on cultural immersion. To look back and realize that our trip was only a week long is mind boggling! Thank you for the experience and I know that we will continue to be part of Brazil because it is now in both our hearts and in our wonderful memories.”

– George Vega, MBA ’17

Competition guidelines Spring ’17

We have been busy working on new ways to make your travel experience more fun. We are excited to announce our 1st Travel Seminar Competition. It’s a chance for you to directly share with us your experiences, photos and win amazing prizes. Good luck!

Individual competition

Deadline: March 21st for March seminars, May 15th for May seminars.

1. Follow @SBSTravelSeminar on Instagram

2. Take scenic pictures and videos from your travel seminar experience

3. Upload them to your Instagram account

4. Tag @SBSTravelSeminar* on Instagram

5. Use #MBA740 as your hashtag

6. Add location (city and country) of the image

7. Multiple submissions per person are allowed

Winning guidelines

  • The images with most likes on Instagram will be selected for the final round.
  • The honorable mention is based on creativity.
  • First place, second place, third place and honorable mention will be decided by unanimous vote by Travel Seminar faculty.


  • $50 Amazon gift card (1st Place)
  • $30 Amazon gift card (2nd Place)
  • $25 Amazon gift card (3rd Place)
  • Suffolk Swag (Honorable mention)

*Required in order to participate.


Group competition

Deadline: March 21st for March seminars, May 15th for May seminars.

1. Follow @SBSTravelSeminar on Instagram

2. Take creative group pictures/videos at iconic locations

3. Upload them to your Instagram account

4. Tag @SBSTravelSeminar* on Instagram

5. Use #MBA740 as your hashtag

6. Add location (city and country) of the image

7. Submit the image along with 2-3 paragraph article on your group experiences, learning and challenges. Submit directly via email to Sarah Esner* (

8. Only one submission per group allowed

Winning guidelines

  • There will only be 1 group winner
  • Decision will be based on image creativity (not the article)


  • Welcome back catered lunch for all team members and faculty. Tentative date: March 31st during the last travel class. May 18/19th during the last travel class. 

*Required in order to participate.

Basic Information

Business in Brazil
Sao Paulo & Rio de Janeiro
Spring Break 2017
Professor Carlos Rufin

Brazil is the largest economy in Latin America, one of the 10 largest economies in the world and one of the world’s four major emerging economies. In recent years, Brazil has enjoyed high rates of economic growth combined with unprecedented political and economic stability and reductions in inequality, all of which is leading to rapid expansion of the middle class, high flows of foreign investment and positive publicity abroad.  At the same time Brazil struggles with unequal income distribution, high levels of corruption, poor infrastructure, major environmental protection challenges and low-quality public services despite high taxes.

What to Expect

  • Understand the complexity of the dynamic market, its unique culture and opportunities and pitfalls it presents
  • Examine how European colonization and the plantation system left a profound impact on Brazil’s economy, society and institutions.
  •  Look at successful businesses in Brazil, from small entrepreneurial companies to multinational corporations and different business activities from marketing to supply chain management.
  • Study the social dimensions in Brazil and the different challenges it creates
  • Visit with experts in the local economy
  • Visit historical and cultural landmarks such as Christ the Redeemer, cable car to Sugar Loaf, Sao Paulo & Rio de Janeiro city tours

Seminar Fee


*Effective fall 2016: the seminar fee does not apply to MBA students required to take MBA 740.