Germany Adventures

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During the Spring semester of 2016, I opted for the Global Travel Seminar to Germany. This was the trip of a lifetime. Sure, I could have always taken a trip to tour around Germany on my own practically at any time, but nothing can compare to this experience.

The seminar certainly contributed to my growth and understanding of the global market place, education, and collaboration experience. The pressure was extremely high for each team to perform while in front of C-level executives at each company while meeting strict deadlines. Not every moment was work related. We were given the opportunity to explore Munich and Berlin on our own and through guided tours. The guided tour were extremely informative and led by highly knowledgeable individuals; the Dean being one of them who is a Berlin native.

Overall, if I could do this over again, I would and strongly advise that every student take full advantage of this great opportunity.

– Robert Montminy, MBA ’17

Basic Information

Munich & Berlin
May 6-13, 2017
Professor Michael Behnam

Experience business in Germany, Europe’s largest economy, by touring two of the world’s capitals of commerce: Munich and Berlin. As the world’s largest exporter of goods, Germany is home to many globally known and technologically advanced multinational corporations.

What to Expect

  • Experience German management culture and gain insight into business practiced on a global scale
  • Discuss case studies, developed by Professor Behnam in partnership with the host executives, allowing for an intense, interactive learning experience.
  • Develop a working knowledge of the state and development of the economy, global participation, social, cultural, and political influences.

Seminar Fee


*Effective fall 2016: the seminar fee does not apply to MBA students required to take MBA 740.