SUGBA’s Lunch with A Leader

It all started as a joke, but it lead to something more meaningful.

Food was my primary motive for attending the Lunch with a Leader event hosted by the Suffolk University Graduate Business Association (SUGBA)… at first. I thought I would get my free lunch, network a few minutes in and then leave—simple as that. My outlook totally changed once I entered into the Corcoran room and was greeted by a warm welcoming bunch of graduate students. I knew no one there, but at that moment I knew I was in for a treat… and I was right. I sat through the lunch listening to the two Vice Presidents of Outcome Capital and thoroughly enjoyed every moment of it. They each discussed their career paths, personal experiences, education, and their take on the “real world.” It was great sitting at the table like a boss with two industry leaders giving us graduate students insights on what to expect—it almost felt as if they weren’t Vice Presidents, but more like peers or even mentors. I then knew I wanted to be part of this group of professionals and so I officially joined SUGBA.

The Lunch with a Leader event was my first date with the association and they brought me home with welcoming arms. I enjoy attending the Lunch with a Leader event because it brings our group members together like a family, despite everyone’s busy schedule. The coming together reminds me of a family dinNick Yener with all of the discussions going back and forth, getting advice, and networking in a casual environment. I love coming to the Lunch with a Leader event because it reminds me of the reason why I joined the organization—the people in it.

– Nicholas Ye, MBA ’18

6th Annual International Night


Suffolk University Graduate Student Association’s 6th International Night at Suffolk university was a very successful and amazing event. The students showcased the diversity and variety of nations together under one roof put on a scintillating event . This year, more than 25 nations were showcased with traditional foods, dance, and music, and more than 300 students joined us at this event.

This turned out an excellent opportunity for international students to represent their countries and allow others to learn more about where you come from.alpansh

Access this link for more images from International Night 2016. Please visit our SUGBA’s Facebook page for more information.

– Alpansh Banerjee, MBA in Business Intelligence ’17

Tips, tips, tips


Graduate school is a huge and scary step. These recommendations may seem simple and common sense, however, they have helped me along the way.

Healthy lifestyle

Twelve years after graduating from college, and one semester into the MBA program, I realized that I had again picked up my bad undergraduate habits: not sleeping enough and eating out more. Re-evaluate your thoughts about sleep, mine were mainly that I absolutely needed it! Start planning your meals in advance and schedule some time to cook in bulk.

Pace yourself

You will be tempted to match your classmates’ schedule or the pace at which they are going through this program. DON’T do it. It is crucial that you find out what works for you and what will maximize your learning and experience. I found out that I had to start with 2 courses even though I was working part-time. I then added two more the following semester.

Also having a 10-15 minute break in between study sessions has been the best remedy to prevent burn out, increase concentration retention, and come up with creative ideas.

Enjoy your studies

And apply it to your everyday life! I realized that my most engaging classes were the ones I applied to my everyday life, the world, my job, the United States, my personal thoughts and beliefs.

Choose your courses wisely

Seek advice and be prepared! I spoke to the professors before choosing my courses. I found out beforehand what the professors expected in each course.

Be flexible

Don’t be afraid to change your initial concentration to fit or complement your long-term goals. I entered as a MBA/Non-profit specialized degree. I dropped the specialization my second semester for a concentration on Non-Profit, and now I am considering a different concentration to better prepare me for my planned career.

Team work team work

For my MBA 640 online course, I worked with a classmate in order to better grasp the concepts discussed in class, which worked well. I usually prefer to work alone, so this was a big step for me and one I would strongly recommend.

Get involved!

During my first semester, I attended 90% of all the professional development workshops and networking events. This helped me see beyond my “student” perspective to get a “real-time” view of what a career in my chosen field would look like.

Make friends with the staff

Get to know the administrators and support staff at the business school. Share your reflections about your experience with them in a constructive way in order to promote change. Developing relationships may lead to future opportunities, career advice, and general support.

– Gaelle Gourgues, MBA in Non-Profit ‘17

Get involved ASAP

kanishkaMy tip for new MBA students is to GET INVOLVED!

I was fortunate to be part of a group of 4 of extremely driven individuals who brought the MBA association back to life.  We then re-branded it to Suffolk Univ. Graduate Business Association (SUGBA) in order to include all Sawyer Business School graduate students.  It was difficult to get started with a very small budget, but we were able to recruit talented students and it is great to see how much it has grown and the role it plays within Suffolk now.  In addition, I was fortunate to be graduate fellow to Dean O’Neill, from whom I learned a lot about leadership and global business.  I was also able to provide him valuable insights into the student journey for a Suffolk Univ. graduate student.

– Kanishka Sharma, Global MBA in International Business ‘12

Carbonite Retreat

Getting involved with the Boston community is the biggest advantage of being a Suffolk MBA student. Being able to go to corporate trips two blocks from the University or to a networking event right after class is priceless. I was one of the 20 students to attend the Carbonite trip on Friday 21st of October. Not only were we able to interact with potential employers and colleagues, but we were also able to show them Suffolk MBA students’ potential.

We were given a real case study relating to the cloud storing and backup industry. Our teams worked under pressure to analyze the problem, brainstorm ideas and deliver the best solution. We were able to implement and demonstrate our problem solving, time management and team building skills. Finalizing the trip, we had time to enjoy the Carbonite environment and mingle with current employees.

This experience is not isolated to one company or an industry, but is applicable in our everyday lives. We encounter problems daily and are forced to make decisions on the spot. Collaboration on a complex situation is required in the workforce. Lastly, connecting with professionals is how you build your career network.nsanchez

I strongly encourage all my fellow MBA students to take advantage of the opportunities to engage with local companies during your studies, explore Boston and most importantly get to know professionals, faculty and alumni. Those connections will make the difference in the future.

– Nathalie Sanchez, MBA in Strategic Management ‘17

Join a student organization!

A National Association of Women MBAs (NAWMBA) flyer was what first caught my attention upon entering my MBA. I was intrigued and therefore decided to attend the student organization’s first meeting. I was pleased to meet a group of women interested in helping each other advance their position in the business sector. My membership in the Suffolk chapter of NAWMBA afforded me the opportunity to connect with many women pursuing their MBA and with professionals working in an industry I may pursue after graduation.

In my second semester at Suffolk, I became the Secretary for the Suffolk chapter of NAWMBA and had the responsibility of designing and editing the bi-monthly electronic newsletter. It was a new and important experience for me.

As you ponder what student organization to join, I would like to share with you how I went about choosing gaelleNAWMBA.

  • I attended a meeting before deciding to join.
  • I found common ground between the organizational mission and my personal mission.
  • I evaluated what the organization will add to my personal and professional development.
  • I was willing to commit to the amount of time required to actively participate in the organization.

During my time in NAWMBA, I enjoyed meeting women in various industries and discussing their journey. It also provided a smaller context to meet business students and exchange ideas about which classes to pick and how to approach the academic workload.

– Gaelle Gourgues, MBA in Non-Profit ‘17

Get Involved on campus!

 As a new student, I urge you to get involved with the premier Student-led organization, SUGBA. Every semester there are multiple opportunities to network with fellow students, alumni, faculty and industry leaders, and to not only “be in the know” but to also get involved. davidI met my best friends at SUGBA, and still keep in touch with them. The opportunity to be part of leadership provides many opportunities while at Suffolk University, and is extremely helpful when it comes to securing employment.

– David Kolapudi, MBA in Strategic Management ‘15

Listen up new MBAs!

A lot of students going into graduate school have a set of expectations and goals that they want to achieve. However, I think it’s also important to be open to new experiences through your journey.

Be open minded

You get to meet people from different countries, background and cultures, and being open to experiencing that helps you grow in more ways than you think. I gained a global mindset just by interacting and hearing the stories from the diverse Suffolk community.  This is something I wouldn’t trade for anything!

Go outside your comfort zone.karen

School is the one place you can afford to experiment and fail without extreme consequences. Make the best out of the opportunity! Initially, I was not the best at public speaking and during my time at Suffolk University, I was able to build my skills and present to senior managers. Suffolk offered me numerous opportunities to improve from class presentations to presentations to senior level executives in my travel seminar to Germany. All because I dared to step outside my comfort zone!

– Karen Ndegwa, MBA in Finance ‘16