London ’17 Reflections

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The London Healthcare travel seminar proved to be a trip of opportunity. This would be my first time traveling abroad and being exposed to a completely different culture and healthcare system than I am used to. The journey began on Suffolk University’s campus and luckily, I was not alone – I had 15 other classmates that shared the same apprehension, excitement, and willingness to learn, by my side.

Once in London, we truly hit the ground running. Within the first two days of arrival, we had visited Kensington Gardens, the Tower of London, the London Eye, Big Ben, Parliament, Buckingham Palace, and countless other spontaneous stops and photo opportunities. Quenching our thirst for the London culture, we soon began our fast-paced work week full of lectures, case studies, and relationship building.

Within five short days, we had interacted with 13 different healthcare organizations, ranging from quality care management to women’s health services. The seminar provided a well-rounded view of the healthcare available in London, with each of the speakers taking the time to answer any and all questions we might have. Perhaps my favorite part of the trip was the opportunity to see a show at the famous Globe Theater. The theater was always such a crucial part of any Shakespeare unit in classes growing up, which made the experience of being there feel like a full circle kind of moment.

The trip would not have been as valuable if it wasn’t for our amazing tour guide, Louise Halfpenny. She was fully knowledgeable of all things culture and healthcare related, which added true value to the meaning of our trip. Exploring places outside of London, such as Camden and Notting Hill, in our free time, broadened our cultural experience, and allowed for the development of unlikely friendships.

I could not be happier that I decided to take a chance on London, and that London provided me with the chance to grow, learn, and build new relationships.

Marjorie Duffel, MHA ‘18


London ’17 reflections

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Edmund Hillary said, “When you go to the mountains, you see them and you admire them. In a sense, they give you a challenge, and you try to express that challenge by climbing them.”

That is exactly what participating in the London Seminar felt like; being able to interact with people in companies within every aspect of the financial industry ignited 1933be1a passion within me to not only achieve my goals but to soar to new heights within the financial industry.

– Prsni Sookraj, JD/MBA ’18


UK March ’17


Suffolk University’s Travel Seminar Course is a unique opportunity for MBA students to travel to different places in the world. After Brexit, I thought London would be an interesting place to be and I was not disappointed. As part of the course, we got to visit many companies from small to large and learned about their perspective on how Brexit will turn impact them and how they are dealing with change. Some firms decided to wait as Brexit evolves, and the impact on their business is still inconclusive.  On the other hand, some firms had already started their departure to the continent.
We had a lot of lively discussions with many high-ranked officers in the companies we visited. We learned about different opportunities that they were interested in and made many valuable connections. At the end of the course, we got to present a stock pitch to a portfolio manager at Fidelity Investments. HieuWe learned to work together effectively and most importantly to have fun doing it. I highly recommend London if you want to have the time of your life in the most dynamic city in the world right now.
– Hieu Pham, MBA, Accounting ’17


Healthcare in London

The Healthcare Global Travel Seminar to London was an amazing experience that helped me grow on an academic, professional, and personal level. Getting to know a completely new healthcare system and comparing it to the one here in the U.S was an unbelievable opportunity. This immersion allowed us to understand the main challenges and the areas we, as Healthcare Administration students, should focus on when transitioning to the professional world.

I certainly advise every student who has amichael-bayeh chance to be part of this wonderful experience to take advantage of it and embark on this adventure next year. Not only will you be learning the culture of a foreign country but also be able to apply the knowledge learned in your program, which I found to be very rewarding.

– Michael Bayeh, MHA ’17

Basic Information

London, UK

London Travel Seminar offers two concentration: Healthcare and Financial Markets.

Healthcare in London
Professors Rick Gregg and Amy Macnulty
May 6-13, 2017

England has a nationalized healthcare system and is a global leader in many aspects of care delivery, efficiency, and equity. Yet, it is also undergoing major changes to further improve performance and promote healthy lives, while controlling costs on tighter budgets.

With this Global Travel Seminar, you’ll study the English healthcare system and explore ways to improve the U.S. system.

  • Learn about government ownership of healthcare delivery organizations, near-universal insurance coverage, and allocation of resources
  • Examine reform efforts that address healthcare quality, safety, and cost
  • Visit healthcare-delivery organizations and meet healthcare providers, policy makers, and managers in London
  • Get an inside look at leadership and organizational change issues in healthcare
  • Understand how the English healthcare system compares to the U.S. healthcare system
  • Visit historic and cultural sites in London

*The London Healthcare Seminar is restricted to MHA, MBA/Health, MBA with a healthcare administration concentration or MPA Students. All other students require MHA Academic Program Director approval.

Seminar Fee



London Financial Markets
Spring Break 2017
Professors Christopher Argyrople and Bill Johnson

London is one of the world’s leading financial centers. Over 500 banks have offices in London and it is home to the headquarters of many banking and insurance institutions. This course will include visits to brokerage houses; investment, corporate and retail banks; asset and wealth managers; private bankers; hedge funds; financial boutiques, and specialized finance.

What to Expect

  • Understand the role of financial markets in the economy
  • Examine the impact of the global financial crisis on UK financial markets and institutions
  • Run a trade simulation
  • Discuss current financial issues with executives

*Prerequisites: MBA 650 & 1 other FIN elective or a background in finance

*The London Finance seminar is the only seminar approved as an MSF Elective. Any other travel seminar requires MSF Academic Program Director approval.

Seminar Fee



The United Kingdom is the sixth-largest economy based on market exchange rates and eighth-largest based on purchasing power. Our students have interned at major companies, including:

  • Volkswagen, United Kingdom
  • Sonus Public Relations, London

Anthony Bushu, GMBA International Marketing 2009,interned at Sonus Public Relations in London. “I went back to my communications roots with this position, and enjoyed it immensely!” Anthony is currently the director of international marketing and business development for a Mobile Development Software company with offices in the U.S. and Nigeria.